Batch Swap Release — Continuing Forward

  • Batch Swap Release
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Liquidity Mining Conclusion

Liquidity Mining for Materia Dex has come to a conclusion. We currently have nearly 4 million iGil/Gil on the Materia for liquidity as well as over 250,000 WUSD.

Logo Contest Completion

Batch Swap Release

As of today, Batch Swap has been deployed to mainnet. We are excited to share our hard work with the entire Ethereum community. The goal of Batch Swap is to allow users to exchange multiple tokens at a time reducing gas fees and saving time. It provides additional trading functionality as DeFi users manage their portfolios. For the first time, users can swap numerous Ethereum tokens, in one single transaction, in a trustless/decentralized manner. Furthermore, the Ethereum tokens involved do not need to be the same standard. In one Batch Swap, you can have a combination of ERC-20,ERC-721, or ERC-1155. Doing a Batch Swap is cheaper than if a user would do each swap separately. As an added benefit, Batch Swap makes the Ethereum mainnet environmentally cleaner as we group transactions together and lower the amount of energy consumed by swapping.

  • Batch Swap


Batch Swap opens a world of possibilities to the user. You can swap from 1 token into multiple tokens in one single transaction. We are confident users, farmers, and liquidity providers will all find this feature to be extremely useful. The only limit to the number of tokens is the block size. Since Ethereum Mainnet sees Batch Swap as 1 single transaction, the entire transaction must fit inside one block.

An Important Distinction

If you want to take full advantage of Batch Swap Functionality you will need to hold 1000 $Gil ($IGil are valid too! If you do not hold any $Gil you can still use Batch Swap as much as you want, however it will be limited to an output of 2 tokens instead of 10.

How Does Batch Swap Work (Technical)

There are two contracts that execute Batch Swap:

  • BatchSwapperMateria works only on Materia and allows the EthItem wrapping/unwrapping.

Where Are We Going Next?


The first initiative is marketing the hard work our developers have already done. Batch Swap is a revolutionary product that we believe many people will find useful. It is now our job to make sure they know about it. We are in discussions to host multiple AMAs, informing the wider cryptocurrency community about what we are doing will help spread awareness around our project.

Technical Updates

Today, Materia has taken a big step forward as we release Batch Swap for the entire Ethereum community. Tomorrow, work begins again as we continue to build out Materia into a complete DeFi platform. We are excited to see what the community does with Batch Swap. To increase our footprint across the entire cryptosphere we are considering launching Batch Swap on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) supporting the PancakeSwap protocol. Expanding across multiple chains will give users the experience they desire across any chain they like.

Roadmap summary



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